Transcode video to H.264 mp4 for the Raspberry Pi with HandBrakeCLI

If you are like me, you probably have an aversion against repeated work. My movie library exists of hundreds of files and while preparing for the Raspberry Pi (which is capable of Full HD hardware H.264 decoding) I thought of automating video transcoding. The following how to or small tutorial is how I transcode video to H.264 mp4 for the Raspberry Pi with HandBrakeCLI.

This guide is for Mac OS X Lion but will probably also work on Leopard and Snow Leopard (not tested).

So, here is what I did:

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Raspberry Pi

Yesterday I woke up at an unholy early time just to be one of the first to order a Raspberry Pi. And with me tens of thousends if not more other geeks, hackers and other hardware enthousiasts. Within seconds both websites selling the Raspberry Pi broke down under the overwhelming interest. I managed to register within 5 minutes on one site and it took an hour and a half on the other site.

Raspberry Pi

So what is all the fuss about?

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny credit card sized computer able to play full HD video over HDMI. And it only costs about USD35. It is targeted as a educational tool to get young people te learn about programmming and other stuff like robotics, domotica and whatever they think of. In the past computers have been to expensive to just mess about with. With the Raspberry Pi this changes. In my opinion it is the first of a whole new generation of computers of a new paradigm. And with it a new generation of geeks will arise. And that, IMHO, is a very good thing.

The world needs more people who create and produce. Go Raspberry Pi!

Stuff I am thinking of doing with it:

  • Mediacenter (XBMC is ready for it)
  • Carputer (audio, motor analysis, alarm, gps)
  • Domotica
  • Messing about

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